Join the Data Ductus team in an exciting cloud role! Devise and implement cloud solutions in a flexible and relaxed environment. At DD we work in small teams to support our customers on their cloud journey. In our diverse projects, you will have the opportunity to apply cutting-edge technologies to design for scalability, migrate legacy applications, and support cloud infrastructure.

City/Town: Greater Denver Area, Colorado

Job type: Full-time


  • Competitive Health & Retirement Plans
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Open Office Space
  • Flexible Hours
  • Fun Culture, Company Outings and Activities
  • Relaxed Work Environment
  • Project Variety
  • Role & Responsibility Variety
  • Remote Work Opportunities
  • Abundant Jokes & Sarcasm

Job Responsibilities:

  • Designing and creating solutions for cloud environments (specifically AWS)
  • Develop infrastructure as code and deployment pipelines for cloud applications
  • Linux systems administration, configuration, troubleshooting, and automation
  • Development of monitoring solutions and analysis across multiple deployments
  • Monitor AWS maintenance and outages, assess impact, and develop strategies to minimize impact
  • Capacity analysis and planning, traffic routing, and security for deployed applications

Required Skills

  • Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services
  • Experience with AWS
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs and associated development patterns
  • C++, Python, and Java programming experience
  • Experience using Git in a team environment
  • Experience with Docker and container orchestration
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills

Strongly Preferred Skills

  • Experience in writing Cloud Formation or Terraform scripts for automating infrastructure deployments
  • Experience with the following DevOps related tools:
    o Git, CircleCI, Code Build, Code Pipeline, and Bitbucket
  • Experience with implementing a cloud security model utilizing security groups, IAM policies, and VPS Subnet based security
  • Amazon Web Service Associate Level Certification
    o Solution Architect Associate/Developer Associate/DevOps Associate

Required Education

  • Computer Science/Electrical Engineering Degree


Don’t hesitate to send any questions to: