Data analytics


Only in rare occasions is one system used to manage all services throughout its life-cycle. In order to understand the services and get necessary insights for planning, dimensioning, customer care etc., it is vital to aggregate and analyse the available data. At Data Ductus we help clients getting business value out of their existing data sources.


Clients are typically in the service provider and enterprise domain. Common for all clients is the need to provide fully automated network and IT services.

Customer value

  • Implement more efficient operational processes by generating and finding the right information.
  • Reduce time and cost to run the services in generating actionable information

Advisory services

Fundamental for any analytics project is the definition of:

  • Relevant and high-quality input data
  • Relevant questions to be answered

It is a common mistake to make an analytics project into a platform project just focusing on the data-lake setup without knowing how to make use of it. Data Ductus provides advisory services to prepare for an analytics projects that results in business outcome not just an IT platform.

Operational services

Development of the the solution for the analytics solution. This can be on the analytics platform chosen by the customer or a recommended solution from us.

  • Data cleansing
  • Data collection
  • Storage
  • Analytics functions, real-time and historical