Data center and cloud migration services

Data center and cloud migration advisory services

The old normal was for large organizations to have an IT department managing the organization’s data center(s). The new normal is for organizations to focus on their data rather than on IT. And as part of their digital transformation, organizations increasingly seek to migrate from various sourcing or in-house operational models to the consumption of services that others provide. The transition impacts strategic decisions on many levels. With our advisory consultancy services we help clients plan and organize transitions between various forms of hosting and sourcing IT service delivery.

Data center and cloud migration operational services

With our partner, the Boston based company Transitional Data Service, TDS, we carry out data center to data center, data center to cloud, and cloud to cloud migrations based on a strictly defined methodology. We call it the Transition Factory. The service is divided into four phases from inventory to final execution. It uses the TDS TransitionManager tool to minimize risks and downtimes in all types of data center transitions. The TDS model is so well proven that we feel confident to offer a fixed price for the entire data center transition. In addition, Data Ductus has the staff needed to carry out any of the transformation that sometimes becomes necessary as a result of the shift.