Database administration and Big Data

Big Data advisory services

Many IT organizations struggle with a shift from RDBMS and SQL to Big Data and Map Reduce. The amount of data we are storing, whether structured or unstructured, is rapidly increasing. But storing large amounts of data is of little use unless you also have the ability to retrieve, cross-reference and analyse it in optimal ways.  This is what your Business Intelligence (BI) depends upon. Our experts help clients select the optimal technology for their specific needs. When is NoSQL preferred over SQL? Should ACID be a requirement or not? What engines should be used for data analytics? Is data in transit and at rest protected? How about database encryption and access control? What performance can you expect as your data marts grow? What about ETL and data virtualization? These are questions our advisory services consultants help clients solve.

Operational services

Our IT operations teams have skilled Data Base Administrators (DBAs). For most of the common platforms we have certified and specially trained staff members. If you need to enhance your staff with solid database expertise, Data Ductus is your trusted partner.