Embracing the learning curve

At Data Ductus, we like to give our employees every opportunity to learn and improve skills that they can apply to new and exciting projects. To this end, Lily Mast and Viraj Padte, from our Colorado office, attended the Sierra Wireless IoT Developer Day, and we followed up with them to see how it went.

Can you tell us a bit about the event?

“We both work with tech and business development on the IoT side of things at Data Ductus, so this was a great event to mingle with people at the forefront of IoT,” says Lily. “It was a really diverse group of attendees; there were IT consultants and people from start-ups and enterprises such as Google, all with varying roles at their organizations. It was the ideal environment to discuss what’s going on in the industry and to share ideas.”

“The morning was dedicated to presentations on how IoT challenges are being overcome with cutting edge solutions,” says Viraj. “In the afternoon we got to play around with the new MangOH Red development boards and learned new ways of programming them. It was a real hands-on experience. We also got a really good overview of the eco-system in which they can be deployed.”

Have you had a chance to use your learnings?

“One of our clients is a start-up that supplies water purification systems to industry,” continues Lily. “They were really interested to hear about what we learned, and we have applied some of our newly gained skills to their solution.“

“The greatest learnings from an event like this come from interacting with like-minded people,” adds Viraj. “We share a common passion for IoT and are all using it to advance IT solutions. I think Lily and I both feel that we can solve problems faster now.”

How are you keeping up with the technology since the event?

“We’ve attended several relevant webinars and become more active on forums, asking questions and sharing our know-how in this field,” says Lily.

“Actively taking part in these forums helps us to keep up to date with what’s going on,” continues Viraj. “It also means people recognize us as domain experts in this field, which is great for Data Ductus.”

Speaking of Data Ductus, what was the company’s role in this?

“Data Ductus is really supportive when it comes to education. The only thing we were asked to do was to share our findings with our colleagues by holding a quick presentation after the event,” concludes Lily. Well that and use any new knowledge to help solve customers’ challenges.

“It’s the Data Ductus way,” adds Viraj. “If you find a relevant event or course that will help you improve your skills and enable you to provide a better service for clients, the company may sponsor it.”