The digitalization brings new opportunities to the MedTech industry. It’s also becoming more important than ever to utilize the power of technology to meet new regulatory requirements on proactive data gathering. A cloud solution is flexible, cost-efficient, and scalable compared to an on-premise solution. This webinar is focused on practical knowledge on how to develop, deploy and maintain a medical software cloud platform (SaMD).

In this FREE webinar, Amin Gholiha, Johannes Svensson and Martin Simonsson will cover:

  • Why cloud/digitalization?
  • Challenges
  • Medical cloud solution – The pre-study procedure
  • Medical cloud solution – The go to market plan
  • Off-the-shelf/service with modification vs. custom built solution
  • Typical cost and timeline
  • In depth: Deployment of a GxP/Medical cloud solution (for IT and validation professionals)
  • General Q&A

About the presenters

Amin Gholiha

Amin Gholiha
Principal advisor, Data Ductus 

15+ years within pharma/medical with advanced IT/medical device/GxP solutions.

Johannes Svennson

Johannes Svensson
Principal Solutions Architect, Data Ductus 

Solutions Architect with a focus on security, API:s and cloud solutions. 10+ years in the hospital information systems space.

Martin Simonsson

Martin SimonssonVision/Machine Learning Specialist, Data Ductus 
Expert in machine learning, with a PhD in Oncology, a PostDoc in Quantitative microscopy specifically digital pathology and a PostDoc in Industrial image analysis, focused on machine learning.

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October 6 2020, 14:00 – 15:30 (UTC+02:00)
  • Amin Gholiha, Principal advisor, Data Ductus
  • Johannes Svensson, Principal Solutions Architect, Data Ductus 
  • Martin Simonsson, Vision/Machine Learning Specialist, Data Ductus