General software engineering services


General software engineering services include the specific skill sets needed to produce software products. This includes know-how in the following areas:

  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Documentation

Our experienced consultants contribute with know-how gathered from different environments. As opposed to other service areas in which Data Ductus has offerings, the scope of engagements are not predefined. Instead, these services become relevant when competencies and skills of individual consultants bring value to a customer. As a result, the engagements are typically either resource IT consultancy or expert consultancy services. Thus, Data Ductus consultants work embedded in the client’s software engineering organization.


Data Ductus consultants contribute in many industries and public sector organizations. Therefore, Data Ductus has the ability to offer a considerable breadth in experiences, expertise and skill sets.

Customer value

  • Ability to easily scale up (or down) in-house software engineering activities
  • Gaining an advantage by adding expert skills that in-house teams are missing
  • Quick start new initiatives for which the organization lacks manpower and/or skill sets

Advisory services

Advisory services contribute with know-how, skill sets or expertise which the in-house engineering team is lacking. Thus, the objective is typically to help research new fields, to educate in-house staff members, to plan and organize, or acquire and implement new technologies.

Operational services

Our IT consultants work side-by-side with colleagues in the client’s engineering organization to enhance or strengthen its staff. Thus, the customer’s engineering organization defines the operational setting.