IoT applications and IoT device managers


Nowadays, there is an unlimited number of IoT applications and IoT device managers. Thanks to the  availability of commoditized and affordable “smart” devices, the IoT market has grown exponentially. Today, “DIY” enthusiasts easily build their own smart home solutions. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking that smart factories, smart cities, smart clothing, smart almost everything could evolve just as easily, if you just bring sufficient “DIY” enthusiasm.

For organizations, the threshold to getting a first IoT solution deployed in any given context is typically quite low – there are countless competent products offerings available on the market. Very soon, however, “siloed” data becomes a challenge. With as many device managers as device types in an operating environment, making full use of them requires further thinking.You typically end up facing a series of questions:

  • How can we integrated the services?
  • How can we build applications that bring value for the organization on top of acquired devices/device managers?
  • How can we avoid vendor lock-in if, at a later stage, we have to replace a device type from one vendor with new technology from somewhere else?
  • How can we make optimal use of the capabilities of a selected device in our given operational context?

Data Ductus delivers IoT solutions primarily in areas such as:

  • Machine learning
  • Visual analytics
  • Robotics
  • Water & Environment
  • Geo-positioning


Data Ductus primarily offers these services to clients in the Public sector and industries such as Energy & Utilities, Automotive, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Mining. Data Ductus also assists partnering hardware vendors in their implementation projects at customer sites.

Customer value

  • Competent selection of components optimally fit for purpose
  • Efficient implementation of specific point solution or vertical application utilizing selected new “smart” devices
  • “Future-proofing” IoT investments: implementations from a professional services team that takes a holistic view and is familiar with the potential need to achieve hybrid integrations at a later stage.

Advisory services

Data Ductus advisory services help clients plan and organize IoT applications and to purchase and jump-start the integration of suitable components.

Operational services

Data Ductus implements the IoT applications, builds robust integrations as needed, configures and optimizes the system for initial deployment. Data Ductus thereafter offers continued maintenance and support services to guarantee the service delivers value and supports continued development throughout its life-cycle.