Why does Data Ductus have one of the lowest staff turnovers in the industry?

We think Data Ductus is a great place to work. And with an annual staff turnover of less than 5% – far below the industry average – our employees seem to think so too. Here’s why.

Data Ductus is an inclusive company. As a consultant you are allocated your own workspace and encouraged to come to the office, even if you’re stationed at a clients office. We also have bi-weekly information meetings and hold regularly learning and recreational events for all employees.

We operate in a non-hierarchical environment in which everybody has a Personal Development Mentor to support them with skills development. Together with your mentor, you set your own personal development goals. Support and advise on technical issues are always available from more senior colleagues.

We put our trust in people. You are responsible for your own time, deliveries, and client relations. Of course, deadlines have to be met and quality has to be assured, but we find that responsibility helps with this.

Projects are varied, challenging and usually very interesting. Consultants work on projects that match their talents and skills. If you want to explore a new technology or learn more about a focus area, we will support you in this. And when possible, we try to find a project where this new knowledge can be applied.

We build multidisciplinary teams to solve our clients’ complex IT challenges and assist in their business optimization. If we don’t have all the necessary expertise in-house we expand our team with like-minded external experts. All to satisfy our customers.

If you think this sounds interesting – don’t hesitate to send us your CV!