Machine learning workshop series

This series of workshops is designed to provide an entry point to machine learning and how it can be applied to your business.

Target audience

The workshops are aimed at business developers, automation decision makers, or software engineers with an interest in new technologies. The workshops can be ordered as stand-alones but offer the greatest value when attended in series. 

Workshop 1 – What is machine learning?

The first workshop introduces machine learning and covers the basic concepts including applied examples from several industries. We explain how Data Ductus works with machine learning projects, before moving on to the unique challenges associated with data-driven projects. We then look at how they can be addressed with an agile approach and close collaboration with your team. Learn more and book your workshop today!

Workshop 2 – Brainstorm session and drill down. What is the impact to your business?

The second workshop focuses on your specific situation and challenges. Together, we explore several opportunities, brainstorm ideas around where machine learning can provide a benefit. We review available data sources and discuss what kind of data is necessary for a specific solution. By the end of the workshop you will have a bunch of ideas and a list of points to investigate further. Learn more and book your workshop today!

Workshop 3 – Proof of concept or pre-study preparation

The third workshop addresses the evaluation of opportunities and ideas explored during the second workshop. Based on the insights gained from workshop and additional information provided from further investigations, the ideas are scrutinised, and the feasibility is evaluated. Together we rank ideas  and a preliminary road map for the most promising cases is drafted. Learn more and book your workshop today!