Network administration and service orchestration

Advisory services

The concept of Software Defined Networking (SDN) rapidly changes the tasks of network administrators. Going from manual configurations of countless network components to automation and policy control helps reduce costs, increase performance and service levels. Monitoring what matters rather than what can be measured helps reduce the operational burden and increase the value of service delivery. In our advisory services, our network orchestration and administration experts combine our experiences from Network Orchestration & Automation with IT Service Management skills. We help clients with advice in strategic as well as operational issues.

Operational services

Our teams of skilled network administrators assist clients in their network operations. Our staff members are experienced and certified on a broad variety of network equipment and can thereby significantly contribute to our client organizations.

The combination of expert consultancy services from within the Telecom industry and for service providers on a global scale with operational teams who have been managing large and complex infrastructures for many years, makes Data Ductus an ideal partner.