Network service assurance and customer experience


Customers and users expect high quality. The service has to be flawless when delivered and potential degradations need to be found by the provider before they hit customers. Today it is often the other way around. End-users report problems before the provider has detected them. Too often services are not working properly at time of delivery. Data Ductus helps enterprises and service providers move to a proactive end-user focused assurance solution.


Clients are typically in the service provider and enterprise domain. Common for all clients is the need to provide fully automated network and IT services.

We also work with software and equipment vendors to implement proper assurance functions in the applications.

Customer value

  • Shift to a customer and service-focused operations model in contrast to today’s resource-focused monitoring. With this focus on the customer experience the services the operations teams know what to prioritize, and many resolution steps can be fully automated.
  • Less trouble-tickets, faster time to resolve issues.

Product partners

  • Netrounds for service assurance
  • Moogsoft for top-level assurance and resolution process

Advisory services

As a partner we can help our customers with advisory services for:

  • Studying existing assurance solution and build a road-map for a more customer-focused and efficient operations model.
  • Selecting relevant products for resource and service assurance

Operational services

Our software developers implement full-stack assurance solutions that cover everything, from monitoring the resources to understanding the customer experience. This includes implementation and integration of leading assurance products as well as integration and customization of those.

Data Ductus can also offer a flexible alarm mediation framework. This is a solution based on leading open source software and focuses on the complete chain from raw information and transforming that into useful assurance data used by other assurance products ore directly consumed by end-users.