Assuring Quality of Service (QoS) across networks is essential for service providers that wish to remain competitive as well as being fundamental for efficient enterprise operations. However, thanks to the ever-growing complexities of networks, delivering network service assurance is becoming more challenging by the day. 5G, will further add to this as industrial applications will put strict requirements on network quality.

Those providers and enterprises that act on these complexities, and provide their customers and employees with high quality network services, will gain a competitive advantage now and over the long-term.

Putting the service in service assurance

Not so long ago, network assurance was a relatively easy-to-manage service. Look back a few years and networks were reasonably static. A basic alarm and performance monitoring system for network resources and a ticketing system were deemed sufficient for managing manual customer care and operation processes. But this is no longer the case. Despite this, some providers continue to rely on this basic setup – they and their customer will ultimatley be the losers.

Service assurance systems have to be transformed to cope with increased quality demands and the hidden complexity introduced by over-the-counter services, virtualization and new partnership models.

Providers need to put the service back into service assurance. Priorities need to be redefined in line with customers’ demands and the financial well-being of a business. This is best achieved by automating assurance processes and relegating traditional monitoring tools and processes to the debugging layer. 

In essence, this means embracing the NOC – SOC transformation. We can help you succesfully achieve this through our structured and proven NOC-SOC program.

Advisory services

SOC transformation mapping

We offer a holistic SOC transformation study: Make the NOC-SOC transformation happen

Implementation services Deployment services

Implementing true service assurance

At Data Ductus we can help you implement an automated service-centric assurance solution. We utilise leading assurance products in combination with your existing in-house tools and solutions. Typical implemtation programs include:

  • Implementing closed-loop orchestration tightly coupled to fulfillment and assurance
  • Introducing a service monitoring layer with active assurance tools
  • Improving classical fault and performance management tools with automation and service insights, such as automating tasks based on alarm information and automatically mapping performance KPIs to services.
  • Setting up efficient and user-friendly operations portals to speed up and support standard tasks
  • Automating and modernizing resolution with AIOps-based tools and collaborative processes
  • Applying AI/ML to assurance data in order to, for example, perform anomaly detection, KPI prediction and alarm clustering
Operational services

Supporting your assurance solution

Once implementation is complete, it’s important to ensure your assurance solution remains up to date and that operations staff can carry out their responsiblities efficiently. Our network experts can help your SOC organisation with a range of services including:

  • Operator support
  • Network enhancements
  • System monitoring
  • Service desk

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