Network service orchestration and automation


It is vital to automate the delivery of services in order to keep up with higher demands for faster service delivery and customer experience. This reduces the operational costs, enables instant delivery and reduces errors. Data Ductus implements automation solutions on leading automation platforms.

Want to know how to succeed with your automation project? Read our white paper “The key to a successful automation project“, which is based on our extensive experience from implementing these types of solutions.


Clients are typically in the service provider and enterprise domain. Common for all clients is the need to provide fully automated network and IT services.

We also work with software and equipment vendors to implement vendor specific automation products.

Customer value

  • We deliver a fully automated network automation system that still is flexible and owned by you as a customer. There is no lock-in to turn to us for modifications. This ensures flexibility and faster time-to-market.
  • World-record implementation projects both in delivery time and quality.

Advisory services

As a partner we help our customers with advisory services for:

  • Information and data-modelling, YANG and TOSCA models
  • Studies of automation processes
  • Trainings in DevOps methods and culture
  • System architecture studies

Operational services

Our software developers implement network automation fully integrated with the rest of the system stack. We develop service applications on leading platforms like Cisco NSO.

We have developed automation across a range of domains like ACL management, Firewall rules, L2/L3 VPNs, SD-WAN and threat management.

Product partners

  • Cisco NSO and accompanying portfolio