Far too many service providers and enterprises have to put up with inefficiencies due to poor user interface design – often because multiple UIs, or too many steps in a UI, are required to carry out what should be a relatively simple tasks. This may even be the case if you have implemented an orchestrator to automate the service lifecycle.

Good UI design that supports effective workflow should be central to your network operations portals. This can only be achieved through user-centric design, based on your current and future employees’ and customers’ needs. Typically, we see a need for a better, more holistic overview, customized monitoring, easy network configuration, and much more.

Tailored portals for streamlined operations

At Data Ductus we design and build tailored network portals that remove inefficiencies to promote streamlined operations. These include:

  • Portals for the operations staff
  • Customer care portals
  • Self-service portals

User-centric development

To ensure network portals have the optimal features and deliver the best workflow, customers are involved at an early stage in the design process of any assignment. At this point we define the scope and the current and future requirements of a portal. Several UI iterations are designed and tested before we move into the development and delivery phase.


  • Investigate current and expected workflow(s)
  • Define user persona(s)
  • Decide Scope
  • Requirements on Look and feel


  • Iterate rough design with mock-up UI
  • Focus on workflow
  • Commonly agree on design


  • Design UI
  • Demos
  • Implement back-end
  • Implement front end

Delivery and final test

  • Delivery into customer lab
  • Perform acceptance test
  • Train customer

Extensive portal portfolio

With over 10 years of portal development experience and 20+ years of network development and advisory consultation, we have proven experience from delivering dedicated portals for specific user personas and roles Below is a list of some of the portals we have developed, which are currently in use by our clients around the globe.

  • Assurance portal: advanced monitoring of network resources including display of possible issues:
  • Management portal: management of large and complex networks with an easy to use interface that prevents configuration errors, for example on top of Cisco NSO:
  • Monitoring portal: simple and effective monitoring and display of network status. 
  • Operational portal: enables viewing, reporting and management of issues that occur when the network is live. Supports multiple users with clear responsibilities and viewing access. 
  • Self service portal: Allows users to login and change their service subscription. Includes automated configuration changes as well as manual approval by an approved user. 
  • Trouble and ticket management portal: ensures issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. 
Advisory services

Advisory Services 

We offer a series of advisory services designed to help you get the most from your portals and network. These include

  • Requirements studies to analyze how to improve operational efficiency
  • Workshops focusing on how you can utilize self-service portals to improve the customer experience and gain operational efficiency
  • NOC/SOC studies on how to improve operations by providing portal access to operations teams
Implementation services Deployment services

Implementation and deployment 

We follow a tried and tested methods to ensure fast and efficient implementation and deployment of network portals. Approved designs can be based on Cisco NSO – the portal design will be dependent on the underlying YANG design. Deployment can be a standalone portal or integrated with systems with minimal dependencies. We also offer Sprint based delivery, rolling out features as they are implemented and tested. 

Our partners

To ensure the best results, we work with a number of leading partners and products. Our extensive experience from delivering successful portals with these, means we can offer shared learnings and cost effective solutions.

  • Cisco NSO 
  • Netrounds 
  • Redhat Ansible 
  • Remedy, Atlasian, ManageEngine 
  • Openstack, VMWare 
  • Kubernetes, Docker 

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