System agility workshop series

Workshop: Prepare your organization for system agility and DevOps


The course is designed for CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, COOs, Enterprise Architects, System analysts, Business Analysts, Project managers, and Digital strategists.

Why should I attend?

In this workshop you will get a good understanding of the organizational steps you need to  take to meet your organization’s requirements on system agility and DevOps.

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More about the workshop

Prior to the workshop we ask you to provide as much information as possible on your current IT/business environment in the form of detailed questionnaires. This is to ensure we can tailor the workshop to meet your organizational needs.

Together in this workshop we examine the system agility requirements your organization is facing. We then analyze the organizational concequences. The objective is to create a plan for establishing new agile IT service delivery teams that are aligned with your existing organization to gain maximum business agility. We base our workshop programs on the insight that your organization already holds the true experts. We contribute with conclusions from our broad experiences in other organizations, our market research and our technical know-how from platforms for automation and service orchestration. The workshop thus becomes a collaborative effort aimed at enabling your team to identify its best future options.

At the end of the workshop you should have a better understanding of the organizational steps needed to meet your organization’s requirements on system agility and DevOps. You will also have a good understanding of what potential window of opportunity you must consider and the timeframes for organizational change. After the workshop we deliver a report summarizing workshop conclusions and findings.


Workshop preparations may vary depending on your current organization. The workshop agenda typically requires a full day (6-8 hours).


For a typical one-day workshop program, we charge EUR 5000.

More about this topic

System agility and DevOps has become increasingly important since digitalization changed the role of IT. Digitalization is no longer only a support to business but also a driver of business.

However, this causes a split in traditional organizations. In addition to conventional IT service management – with a strong focus on stability and efficiency – new agile IT divisions have emerged, tightly linked to the organization’s business units. These new IT divisions have a strong focus on DevOps for rapid service delivery, minimal time-to-market and meeting the needs of agile business development.

If managed correctly the two can run in parallel helping an organization to thrive. If not, competition between the two can lead to  inefficiencies and much worse, Understanding where your company is at in this process and how it can best move forward is business critical at an organizational level.

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