Illustration describing the multisourcing dilema. No single supplier will take responsiblity for causing or solving an incident. A proactive Service Desk can manage this.
The multisourcing dilema. No single supplier will take responsiblity
for causing or solving an incident.

IT and network infrastructures are getting more complex and distributed in today’s digital business. Implementing a proactive Service Desk with a single point of contact, can ensure issues are solved quickly and are minimized over time. This makes the Service Desk an important strategic layer of any organization’s IT governance framework.

Today’s workplace environment is dependent on many IT services from multiple providers, all running smoothly and collaboratively – from the cloud, in-house or outsourced through a partner. At times you have to consult different Service Desks to solve what appears to be the simplest of problems. As an IT Manager you have to shield end-users from the complexities of the organization’s service delivery and at the same time trying to solve incidents and service requests effectively.

Not surprisingly, many organizations rely on a reactive Service Desk which results in inefficiencies in people’s day-to-day work. It also leads to lost business innovation. There are different ways to solve this, from running an in-house proactive Service Desk, to outsourcing or delegating responsibilities within the organization. But which is the best way forward for your organization? 

Advisory services

How to effectively run your Service Desk 

We analyze the organization’s needs and identify the necessary steps to meet them. Our Service Desk Readiness Assessment performs a GAP-analysis regarding current status and goals. We then develop a clear roadmap with an achievable strategy for an improved and proactive Service Desk.

We will for example analyze: 

  • Objectives  
  • Contracts and SLAs 
  • Governance models 
  • Collaboration model 
  • Current tools and support 
  • Service integration and management
  • Roles and processes 

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Implementation services Deployment services

Setting up a proactive and user focused Service Desk 

We implement and evolve your Service Desk function to meet your organization’s, users’ and regulatory requirements in a growing complex operation and support environment. As we are operator and vendor independent we focus on creating a cost effective and scalable solution for your needs.

Typical activities during the implementation phase include: 

  • Experience-based and customer-specific processes are implemented 
  • Tools are configured to support the processes 
  • End customer SLAs are defined 
  • Service catalog is defined 
  • Incident & Service Request integration 
  • Knowledge-Center Support process 
  • Collaboration model with multi-sourcing support is defined 
  • Roles and responsibilities are clarified 
  • Centralized monitoring & measuring of deliveries 

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Operational services

Service Desk as a Service 

If you wish to outsource your Service Desk we can manage it on-prem or off-prem. One key benefit of this option is that it allows you to focus on your core business. 

Data Ductus Service Desk staff provide a user-focused and personalized Service Desk. They have extensive experience from working in a multi-provider environment. Additionally, our consultants can quickly establish a Service Desk function that you can remain in charge of, and, if so desired, eventually can be transferred to an in-house Service Desk function. 

Characteristics of a Data Ductus Service Desk: 

  • We guarantee total ownership of ticket life cycle, avoiding the blame-game. 
  • High first call resolution rate 
  • Proactive operation that minimizes disturbances to business. 
  • Continual service improvement 

By choosing a Data Ductus ServiceDesk you are guaranteed:

  • End user satisfaction 
  • Improved efficiency 

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