Product engineering partnership


Data Ductus helps any R&D organization to build their software products faster and better. Our engineers have extensive experience from the service provider/enterprise space as well as from being part of a development organization.


  • Equipment providers, application providers: for example network device vendor, virtual device vendor
  • Independent software vendors: for example OSS software vendors, automation software vendors

Customer benefit

Since Data Ductus works with the leading large service providers and enterprises we know the requirements for devices, applications and software to run on those environments. We will bring that experience into the R&D department and develop the product faster and with high quality.

Advisory Services

To build the right product for the right market is a challenge. We help with the following advisory services:

  • Market and requirements analysis
  • Interface specifications
  • Systems architecture studies

Operational Services

We help an R&D organization to release products faster to the market. Our assignments range from full outsourcing of system development to R&D staff augmentation. Examples of assignments we have worked with:

  • Realtime applications in network devices
  • Management functions in devices like NETCONF/YANG servers and SNMP agents
  • User interface development
  • Vendor specific management applications and orchestrators.