Research and development as a service


With R&D as a Service, Data Ductus drives software development on behalf of a client. The service includes complete or partial product ownership and related responsibilities for release planning, roadmap and vision and possibly even gotomarket strategies.


Research and development as a service is for clients who need to strengthen their software engineering. Thus, they feel they can benefit from the services of a trusted engineering partner in Research and development (R&D). These clients are typically either:

  • Software product companies
  • Larger organizations with a considerable in-house production of enterprise applications which takes on the characteristics of a product that has to be maintained.

Customer value

This service enables clients to:

  • Scale up (or down) production faster than what otherwise would be possible
  • Get relevant experiences and competencies of teams who also have worked in other environments.
  • “Outsource” parts of their portfolio to reduce the internal burden all the way from product management to delivery. This is especially attractive for components that to some extent require roadmap planning separate from the core offering. This is the case with components such as add-ons, agents or extensions that customers request but which are difficult to embed in the main branch of the product roadmap. These parts often take on a “life of their own” and may require versioning separate from the main product.
  • Safely maintain control over intellectual properties while adding skilled third-party resources on-demand.

Advisory services

With the client, our expert consultants perform an inventory of existing engineering practices to help determine what type of outsourcing model, if any, the client may benefit from. As a result, management can base their decisions on how to proceed on the results of an independent pre-study. The conclusions typically recommend either to a) keep engineering in-house and, if additional resources temporarily are needed, to embed them in existing in-house teams b) how to complete outsourcing and potential off-shoring or to c) utilize the R&D capabilities of a suitable external party that able to add value. The pre-study strives to identify possible partners. Whether Data Ductus can be such a partner obviously depends on the availability and mix of experiences and competences required.

Operational services

Data Ductus organizes a suitable agile team which works tightly with the client’s own software engineering. How tightly integrated the teams is with the client’s organization, depends on the specific needs. In some cases, Data Ductus has considerable interaction with external stakeholders and maintains decoupled release planning. In other relations, the Data Ductus team is just yet another agile team which the client’s product management orchestrates to fit overall roadmap planning. R&D as a service may entail Application Lifecycle Management.

If you feel your organization could benefit from our R&D support, do not hesitate to get in touch.