Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Advisory services

Our experienced consultants help clients establish multi-sourcing strategies and implement a layer of IT governance on top of ITIL. We believe most large organizations that struggle with complex ITIL processes in relation to multiple service providers may benefit from a strategic Service Integration and Management (SIAM) layer. For details, see our article on The art of multi-sourcing and the importance of (re-)introducing a Service Desk on premise.

Operational services

Data Ductus staff members help establish and operate SIAM-inspired Service Desk and IT governance functions within customer organizations. The Haninge municipality case study is an example. The SIAM function becomes an important strategic layer in an organization’s IT governance framework. The ultimate control therefore needs to reside within the client organization. Our experienced consultants help speed up the establishment of a SIAM function but strategically strive to enable the client IT organization to be fully in charge and, if desired, to by and by take over operations entirely.