The entire world communicates through the Internet, which is a complex web of interconnected Autonomous Systems (AS). In small, agile teams working with both international telecoms and local service providers, you will learn or enrich existing knowledge of how networks communicate and interact. You will also have the opportunity to broaden your learning by exploring numerous cutting-edge technologies and tools through various exciting internal projects.

City/Town: Dallas (TX)

Job type: Full-time


  • Designing, developing, testing, documenting, and delivering customer solutions in small, agile teams
  • Contributing ideas in an open environment
  • Performing multiple roles and working on multiple projects


  • Competitive Health & Retirement Benefits
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Open Office Space
  • Flexible Hours
  • Fun Culture, Company Outings and Activities
  • Relaxed Work Environment
  • Project Variety
  • Role & Responsibility Variety
  • Remote Work Opportunities
  • Abundant Jokes & Sarcasm

Required Knowledge:

  • Java, Python, and/or other object-oriented languages
  • UNIX & Linux command line
  • Git, Mercurial, or other VCS
  • Strong programming fundamentals & algorithms
  • Well-rounded knowledge of entire SDLC (Software Development Life-Cycle)
  • Presentation and communication skills (verbal & written)
  • 3-5 years of job experience

Strongly Preferred Knowledge:

  • Network programming (Cisco CCNA, CCIE, NPDEV, NPDESI)
  • Prior software engineering internship experience
  • DevOps fundamentals including CD/automation tools, orchestration tools, virtualization tools
  • QA fundamentals including CI tools, unit testing, & integration testing
  • Network programming
  • JavaScript & front-end development
  • Embedded device development


Don’t hesitate to send any questions to: