System integration services


System integrators specialize in being generalists. It may sound like a paradox but we have found that it takes expert software development skills combined with a broad experience, general know-how and endless curiosity to become an excellent system integrator – and it’s this philosophy that we base our system integration services upon.

Our system integration consultants can create robust code in many different programming and scripting languages. They are familiar with many different types of IT infrastructure components – the communication protocols and standards they depend upon. Furthermore, they understand the related IT Service Management procedures on which the interoperability of IT components depend. We like to think of them as elite Jack of All Tradesmen.

When collaborating with clients, our experienced system integrators contribute with know-how gathered from many different environments, and able to help you overcome the key challenges you may face, such as:

  • introducing a new message queue, API Gateway or application monitoring equipment.
  • migrating data between different ERP systems.
  • deploying ETL solutions to feed a new data mart (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • moving beyond ETL to establish a new data virtualization layer
  • user provisioning for an Identity Governance framework
  • implementing a virtual directory to combine data from multiple data repositories.


Data Ductus provides system integration services to many industry and public sector organizations. Our team have the ability to offer considerable breadth in experiences, expertise and skill sets to help your organization, no matter what the need.

Customer value

  • Quick ROI, once new technologies are introduced which have to be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure or cloud environment
  • Robust integratíons that remain supported even when the connected IT components need to be upgraded
  • Supported solutions delivered by people who care about your infrastructure beyond the warranties of the individual vendors on whom your integrations otherwise depend

Advisory services

Data Ductus advisory services contribute already in early phases of the planning and organizing, acquisition and implementation of new software integrations. Data Ductus consultants help select IT components and methods for their optimal integration.

Operational services

Our IT consultants deliver complete end-to-end integration solutions and offer lasting support to ensure your infrastructure continues to perform optimally even after multiple iterations of change.