Get started now: System agility for IoT and digitalization

Workshops on system agility and DevOps for IoT and hybrid integrations

Our bespoke workshops are designed to help you gain the most from IT and IoT. Together we assess your business and develop achievable organization and infrastructure goals through the optimal mix of system agility, agile business development, DevOps and hybrid integrations.

Key takeaways

At the end of the workshop you will have the foundation for an evidence-based roadmap & vision for success and a structured report that enables you to move forward with the IT service providers and cloud service providers of your choice.

Who should attend?

Our System Agility Workshop series is designed for: 

  • CIOs
  • CDOs
  • CTOs
  • COOs
  • Enterprise architects
  • System analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Digital strategists
Get started now

Why this workshop series?

Industry 4.0 alters both the product lines and the products or services they generate. The Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) give us factories as well as products that are smarter and connected in real-time. Airliners purchase “power by the hour” and energy companies offer IoT solutions for home automation to their customers.

This trend is no longer new. But what is new, is its tipping point. In the past, innovators used digitaliztion to gain a competitive advantage, but today, it has become mainstream. Failing to keep up in this race, represents a strategic business risk. Industry 4.0 becomes a matter of survival.

Our customers are typically facing challenges on two levels:

Organizational: The role of IT departments change. Business development and IT development become two sides of the same process. Old divisions between “business” and “IT” are just a hindrance. Software engineering is at the core when organizations meet demands from their customers or other stakeholders. All organizations need a digital software engineering factory.
Technical: Just connecting things does not provide a cohesive solution. Siloed point solutions may efficiently connect two end-points. To bring real value, however, they all need to be integrated. Data from all siloes must be combined and fed into new service layers. The digital factory therefore needs new hybrid integration platforms (HIP).

System agility

Agility is therefore rightfully the buzz of the day. Agile business development enables fast transition to enable new and – often data-driven – business models. To succeed, it depends on agile software engineering practices and agile IT architectures. Quickly learning from mistakes, “Learn fast – Fail fast” is therefore the new mantra.


Workshop programs to learn from others

Our workshop programs for fast learning

You are the real experts. Our task is therefore to gather the insights you already have. Together, we then hone them into a cohesive plan for future improvement. To achieve this, we add our own experience and market research. In our workshops, we therefore gather the perspectives of multiple stakeholders and contribute with market trends, industry benchmarks and the experience from others.

Our workshops  typically have three clear steps:

Pre-workshop activities:

information gathering via questionnaires, document reviews, and other client-based preparation, as well as through our own experience-based best practices and research.


experienced architects and subject matter experts present our preliminary analysis and lead your participants as you explore new potential opportunities.

Post-workshop activities:

we compile a report summarizing workshop findings and conclusions, aimed at enabling your organization to make sound decisions on technologies, methods and roadmaps.

Fast learning

Why Data Ductus

Agile business development puts a focus on the ability to “Learn fast & Fail fast”. Our workshops are aimed at enabling fast learning while minimizing the failing. System agility is at the core when we streamline business development and software engineering processes to deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) with minimal time-to-market. It should ideally be done with a minimum of mistakes along the road.

We have therefore developed a workshop program based on actual customer experiences and case studies. We help others learn without making too many mistakes. Our workshops address both the organizational and the technical hurdles that are hindering our customers transitions into becoming efficient software engineering factories. We believe Data Ductus is a suitable partner for the following reasons:

  • Skilled programmers and architects: We focus on technical implementations and application life-cycles. We know what it means to serve agile business developers with the technology solutions they need.
  • Broad experience: Through our work with many clients, we have participated in many “learn fast – fail fast” cycles and believe we have valuable input both on organizational and technical topics.
  • To the point: We base our workshops on the insight that you are the experts. Our role is to help your teams analyze your business requirements and to base their roadmap planning on best practices and thorough market research. Our experts are practicioners – more so in code than in PowerPoints.

Check out our workshop topics and let us know if they meet your needs. (Well, you’re welcome to let us know if they don’t meet your expectations as well – we’re always keen to learn and improve).