Virtualization has proven its value in IT. IT operations are more automated, flexible and agile to provide new services based on a virtual infrastructure. Networking and telecom is moving in the same direction, based on engineering principles or by standards like ETSI NFV. Running a real-time data plane application on virtual infrastructure is different than a database server. Data Ductus helps large enterprises and service providers move parts of their services to a virtual infrastructure in a cloud environment.


Clients are typically in the service provider and enterprise domain. Common for all clients is the need to provide fully automated network and IT services.

We also work with software and equipment vendors to make their applications run well on virtual infrastructure.

Customer value

  • Much faster time-to-market and time-to-customer for new services
  • Less manual work to provide new services or improved services

Product partners

  • Wind River for telco-grade NFV Infrastructure
  • VMware vCloud NFV

Advisory services

As a partner we can help our customers with advisory services for:

  • Moving from a physical to a virtual infrastructure involves both technical and cultural steps. We help assess the current situation and propose the best way forward.
  • Virtual infrastructure is still a fairly young technology. The shift comes with risks and potential performance issues. We help make sure the virtual infrastructure is optimized for the required SLAs.

Operational services

Our primary service in the virtualization space is proper implementation of the virtual infrastructure like WMware and Wind River. We also work with software and equipment vendors to make their software optimized to run om virtual infrastructure.