Workflow automation and end-to-end automation


Large enterprises and service providers have a multi-faceted service catalog implemented by various systems such as orchestrators and assurance systems. These need to be tied together at the top to provide the full service life-cycle from the “what do we sell/provide perspective”. This requires a top-level integration across systems, it can have several names like master orchestrator, workflow system etc. There is often a confusion between technical components and the goal. We help string these pieces together into a business-driving automation solution.


Clients are typically in the service provider and enterprise domain. Common for all clients is the need to provide fully automated network and IT services.

Customer value

Getting away from semi-automation, leaving manual steps for the end-to-end delivery. This will greatly reduce the time to deliver services.

Advisory Services

  • Analyzing the top-level services that are offered and building the service catalog.
  • Recommending architecture for the end-to-end orchestration solution

Operational Services

Our work in this area is mostly focused on making sure that the end-to-end service which is sold to the customer is automated. This implies using existing orchestrators and automation engines and extending them with the top-level control loop. In some cases, the orchestration at this level involves more process automation and manual steps. In these cases, a workflow engine is put on top of the orchestrators/automation engines.