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Workshop 2: Brainstorm session and drill down. What is the impact to your business?

The second workshop focuses on your specific situation and challenges. Together, we explore different opportunities and brainstorm ideas for which machine learning can provide a benefit. We review available data sources and discuss what kind of data is necessary for a specific solution. By the end of the workshop you have a bunch of ideas and a list of points to investigate further. We also identify easy wins and highlight potential risks based on how different approaches could evolve over time, i.e., long-term goals in an automation context.


Attendees from the first workshop are the primary audience, however at this point you may want to invite your application experts, or other people who deal with this every day.

Workshop content

We start the workshop with a short presentation, in which you describe your business, data, and your main interest in the machine learning area. This workshop is held on your premises for us to get a chance to see your real-life challenges.
We then use brainstorming techniques to generate ideas which we then work through to discover possible outcomes

The end result of the workshop is a presentation containing documented ideas which are ranked according to business value, easy wins, risk factor, and priority for the organization.

In summary: Prepare for a full day in the workshop, followed by a week of follow-up work. We then hold a meeting where we both present our findings before we summarize the workshop.

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