Cisco NSO is the leading network automation platform for enterprises and service providers. When successfully deployed, lead-times for provisioning of network services are reduced from weeks to minutes and manual configuration errors are minimized, leading to better network quality. 

However, implementing Cisco NSO comes with a series of challenges that can prove costly unless you have the skills and experience to manage them.

Typical Cisco NSO challenges include: 

  • Lack of internal software skills 
  • Learning curve of the platform 
  • NSO Integrations with other support systems 
  • Efficient setup of automated NSO quality assurance including a lab network 
  • Getting buy-in from operations teams 

10 years of NSO expertise

With over 10 years of NSO expertise and many deployments at enterprises around the world, we can guarantee your NSO project is a success.

By removing any guesswork from a project and using our proven tools and processes, we deliver high quality results with short lead times and predictive outcomes, in meet your KPIs. Furthermore, we work together with your team to ensure you can maintain and further develop your NSO solution over the long-term.

With over 10 years of experience you get the benefit of our software engineers’ learning curve, as well as proven tools and models for fast and effective NSO implementation.

Based on your needs and skills Data Ductus experts can help you with: 

Advisory services

Cisco NSO training and advice 

If you are considering implementing an NSO platform or are in the process of doing so, our training and advisory services could be just what you need. We can help your organization with everything from analysis and scenario exercises, to project start-up support. Services include:

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Implementation services Deployment services

Cisco NSO Implementation and Deployment Services 

No matter what your NSO needs are, we can help you deliver a successful project. Our assignments vary from providing individual NSO experts, to working within your agile development team on a project basis, to delivering complete platform implementation and deployment services. Typical deliveries include:

  • YANG model authoring 
  • Custom device integrations 
  • NSO Service development 
  • Northbound integration to OSS 
  • Custom Portal/UI development for customer care and operations
  • CI/CD and test environment 
  • Hand-over activities to guarantee successful use of the solution 
  • Training sessions for system administrators and operations teams 

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Operational services

Cisco NSO Operational Services 

Once NSO is in operation, it’s essential that the system is utilized optimally to deliver the best results. NSO users need support and you have to handle change requests to enhance the solution. If this is beyond the scope of your expertise, we offer a complete NSO support service. This includes everything from proactive actions for improving NSO to support desk services.

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